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How to Start Your Small Business With a Free Facebook Business Page

There is so much you can do with your business Fan Page on Facebook. You can post presentations of your products and services. Your team can be introduced with text, pictures and videos. You are able to communicate directly with your customers and prospects. And your customers can give you testimonials and recommendations. And all of this can be done for free on your Facebook business page.After writing a couple of columns about the advantages of creating a Facebook business page, I thought I should tell you how to set it up.In this Facebook how-to guide we will walk through the steps to create your own Facebook Business Page.I hope you know how to join Facebook to install your personal profile but it is no really necessary for having your own Facebook business page.Now create a Facebook business page and stand out. Create your Facebook fan page in minutes and watch your traffic grow after you create Facebook page with just a few mouse clicks and it is free as I said before.So this is in any way a very good start to bring your business online before you have the money for an expensive business website.Yes, you can do so by creating a Business Account. To get started, you will need to first create a Facebook Page. To start this process, click on “Create Page” after choosing Ads and Pages in the left menu of your Facebook Profile.They will ask you:”I’m the official representative of this person, business, band or product…”Please don´t miss to read the terms of services so that you don´t get into any troubles because of your Facebook Business Page.You just have to enter some information about your company and soon you will be welcome to a Facebook Page about your Business.There you choose “Edit Page” and in the left menu “Applications” and “FBML”. After that you can enter a title for the tab you want to be shown on your Facebook Business Page and below you put your html code for your website into the box.You will find many explanations about this FMBL online, just enter it into your favorite Search Engine. There are many HTML commands allowed also on Facebook to show a real website on your Facebook Business Page.So I hope this helped and I wish you much success with your Facebook Business Page. You can find many video tutorials about this topic on YouTube especially under my username VolkerSchaefer and also on my Facebook business page which has the username OnlineBizNow.Volker Schaefer